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During the first decades of 20th century, before the advent of super highways, the proliferation of airports, and the demise of travel by rail, hotels were locally-owned and so passionately managed that they became more than lodgings for travelers. They served as a place where business leaders met, friends dined, and families celebrated the joys of life. In design as well as function, the O.Henry Hotel reflects this grand earlier era – the comfortable elegance of the Arts and Crafts style, the use of classic North Carolina red brick, pine, and cast granite, and meticulous attention to detail. These time-honored building traditions combine with modern technology to produce a hotel with the vitality to last more than a century. Our gracious hospitality and top-notch service at our Greensboro boutique hotel transport guests back to this earlier era.

Now employee owned!

After 28 years of operating one of the top-rated hotel and restaurant companies in the South, the founders of Quaintance-Weaver Restaurants and Hotels (QW) announced on November 17, 2016 that it is now 100% owned by its 600+ staff members. This makes QW one of only a few employee-owned restaurant and hotel companies in the entire country. Learn more.

O.Henry Hotel Sketches by Chip Holton

The Original O.Henry Hotel

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William Sydney Porter, namesake of O.Henry Hotel


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Greensboro Symphony Package at O.Henry Hotel in Greensboro, NC

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