Statement About Racial Justice

A Statement from:
Dennis W. Quaintance
(Employee Owned)

Racial injustice persists.

We, the people of QW, stand for racial justice.

All human beings ought to be treated equally and with dignity.

We, the people of QW, will:

  • Double down on our long-standing mission level commitment to fulfill the ideas held in QW’s Fairness Doctrine and Zero Tolerance Policy. (Below)
    • Conduct new rounds of listening sessions.
    • Develop and operationalize new or updated policies and procedures as we learn from our listening sessions, our advisors and other efforts.
  • Use the energy we have all harvested from the recent tragic racial violence to propel us towards HUGE progress within QW and in our larger community… for days, months and decades to come.
  • Have a commitment to learn even more from one another.
    • We are fortunate to get to work with a diverse group of wonderful people.
    • We all have different perspectives and experiences.  We can learn from one another.
    • Listen.  Listen.  Listen.
  • Have a proactive, earnest attitude about learning and growing.
  • Ask one another and those we serve to make us aware of our shortcomings so we may reflect on them…then grow from them.
  • Imagine and be a part of creating racial justice — now and forever.
  • Be the change we want to see.
  • Privilege is often invisible. We seek to bring our privilege to light with honest observation and intention.
  • Stick with our ideas of being loving, compassionate and of service.

For more information about our values visit Lucky Star to see an abbreviated version of QW’s guide book, “How to be a Lucky Star”.

I will:

  • Double down on my commitment to understand even more about systemic and episodic racial and other injustices, and to empathize even more with those who suffer from it.
  • Learn from my mistakes.
    • I make plenty. I regret them.  I will learn from them.
  • Listen. Listen. Listen
  • Learn from my colleagues, guests and others in the community.
  • Expand my understanding of injustices and related topics by reading more on these topics by members of underrepresented groups.
  • Speak out.
  • Figure out how to more efficiently use the energy I have that stems from my long standing convictions that all people ought to be treated fairly.
  • Ensure that QW moves its focus on fairness and justice from high gear into hyper drive and then maintain the momentum for years and decades with intention, action and budgets.


Because some groups have not, and are not, always treated fairly, we will proactively reach out to such communities by:

  • Being extraordinarily committed to our “Fairness” and “Diversity & Inclusion” programs with the objective of being a role model for other organizations.
  • Focusing much of our underwriting and sponsorship efforts to the Black, Latinx, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer and/or Questioning (LGBTQ) communities, plus other such groups.
  • Working with refugee communities when we have employment opportunities.
  • Looking for opportunities to employ people with different abilities.
  • Encouraging a merit-based culture that seeks opportunities for underrepresented communities including African Americans, women, people of color, LGBTQ communities and other such groups.

QW Zero Tolerance Policy

Our Zero Tolerance Policy includes all of the following areas:

Discrimination or harassment for any “off-purpose” reason, but with particular emphasis on discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, creed, marital status, pregnancy, pregnancy-related conditions, genetic information, national origin/ancestry, citizenship, and military or veteran status. These protections extend to all employment decisions, including recruiting, hiring, learning programs, advancement, compensation, scheduling and discipline actions.

Sexual Harassment
Harassment under this policy includes any inappropriate behavior that makes one uncomfortable as a participant or an observer. Some examples are unnecessary touching, massaging, sexual innuendo, crude jokes about gender-specific traits, and graphic or suggestive comments about an individual’s body or dress. These are only a few examples (not all) of things that could be considered sexual harassment.

We will terminate and pursue prosecution with anyone who chooses to steal.

Use of Alcohol/Drug And Alcohol Policy
QW is a drug-free work place. Therefore, we conduct “post-accident,” “for cause” and random drug and alcohol testing. A complete copy of QW’s Drug and Alcohol Policy is provided to all staff members upon employment and is available at

Reporting Concerns

We have a zero tolerance for bigotry, sexual harassment, theft and substance abuse. We promise that we will not hold it against you for reporting concerns about bigotry or sexual harassment including if you report something about your supervisor. Please confidentially report any of the above to our People Department or to Dennis Quaintance. Both can be reached at 336-370-0966.

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