Afternoon Tea And Jazz At The O.Henry Hotel

By: Mary Elizabeth Myrick, QC Exclusive

February 27, 2020

O.Henry Hotel Lobby

Originally opened in 1919 in downtown Greensboro, The O.Henry Hotel is named after the legendary O. Henry himself, William Sidney Porter, author of classic short stories such as “Of Cabbages and Kings” and “The Ransom of Red Chief” and a native of Greensboro. Since its original opening and construction, the hotel has received both a new building and a new location, but it still preserves its sense of nostalgia and charm. Surrounded by ample access to the arts, opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, and excellent dining, The O.Henry Hotel is a clear choice.

O.Henry Hotel Cloister Garden

AMBIANCE and Dining

With rooms decorated and inspired by the sense of curiosity and wonder of O.Henry’s stories, such as the almost unnoticeable clouds painted on the ceilings of the Magi’s suites, a nod to the classic “The Gift of the Magi.” Daily, the hotel serves its afternoon O.Henry Tea, with a full menu of specialty sandwiches and scones, croissants, crumpets, and teas, of course. The walls of the hotel are decorated with copious pieces of art, many by their artist-in-residence, Chip Holton, a great deal of his work inspired by classic art deco.

For dining, The O.Henry Hotel offers the Green Valley Grille, featuring Old World European and Mediterranean inspired dishes. They serve a full dinner menu with an array of cocktails and wines, and offer up extensive brunch and lunch offerings. Surrounding restaurants in Greensboro, such as Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen, also don’t fail to disappoint. For a laid-back breakfast or lunch, head to Iron Hen Cafe for their farm-to-table fare.

O.Henry Hotel Entrance

Live Music

Alongside its other amenities, The O.Henry Hotel offers live jazz every Thursday and Saturday night. With various artists performing each week, and a lineup of cocktails available to accompany the music, The O.Henry offers guests a taste of the arts and culture present throughout Greensboro. Explore the outdoors at the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden. There, you’ll find 7.5 acres filled with beautiful bronze sculptures, lush vegetation, and a peaceful recirculating stream. To poke around and shop, take a stop at the Antique Market Place. At 45,000 square feet, with over 150 vendors, there is plenty to explore and hunt for. To view more of the visual arts pervasive in the city, stop by some of the numerous galleries, such as the Ambleside Gallery or Anne Rud Gaylon & Irene Cullis Galleries.

Beyond its gourmet eats, relaxing tea, and vibrant jazz scene, The O.Henry Hotel prides itself on its sense of community, and the warmth the whole team strives to share with guests. Like the stories of its namesake author, The O.Henry Hotel aims to inspire and engage with the passion for art and culture embedded within Greensboro. Certainly, The O.Henry Hotel is a place to rest your head, but also, is simply a place to experience.

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