Pedals, Paddles and Parks tour

Here is our list of top things to do in Greensboro for the nature-lover in everyone.  Be sure to check out the Greensboro Watershed Trails Guide!

day 1

Gardens in Greensboro

6:00 PM – Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden and Bog Garden 

Take a leisurely stroll through the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden that’s known for its massive annual plantings and bronze sculpture, this 7.5-acre garden is a popular and relaxing retreat.  The Bog Garden features an elevated boardwalk which meanders through 7 acres of natural wetlands. Stone pathways traverse a forested hillside, and visitors can enjoy the sounds of water at Serenity Falls – a re-circulating waterfall – while viewing the many varieties of plants, birds, and other wildlife inhabiting the area.  Learn More

7:30 PM – Dinner at Green Valley Grill 

Enjoy fresh seasonal Old World European and Mediterranean flavors from the wood-fired rotisserie and grill. Pair it with your choice of artisanal cocktails, craft beers and 500 wines. Learn More.

day 2

paddle boarding

9:00 AM –  Paddles on Lake Brant 

Take a morning drift across Lake Brant. The lake features fishing, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), kayaking and canoeing. Rowboats, kayaks, SUPs, and canoes are available to the public on a rental basis. Learn more 

12 PM – Lunch at Print Works Bistro 

Print Works Bistro features classical and modern versions of French bistro dishes created with locally sourced food. Relax a sun-filled dining room or dine outdoors on our creekside terrace. Learn More.

1:30 PM – Greenways and Trails 

Take one of our bikes for a cruise on one of the many greenways and trails in Greensboro. Our City has almost 112 miles of trails to experience (37 miles paved and 76 miles of natural surface).  The Lake Daniel Greenway is the closest to the O.Henry and it connects to the Latham Greenway. The Atlantic and Yakin Greenway is also just a little ways away. Learn more.  Click to view an interactive map of trails and greenways in the area!

5:00 PM – Romantic Evening in the Park
Enjoy a romantic walk in the Greensboro Arboretum that features 14 plant collections, special display gardens and distinct structural features. Then return to Green Valley Grill for a romantic dinner in our Courtyard.

day 3

skywild park

10 AM – Treetop Adventure 

Skywild is a treetop adventure park featuring 60 unique challenges at pulse-pounding heights of up to 45 feet above the Greensboro Science Center‘s zoo. Learn More

1 PM – Guilford Courthouse National Military Park 

Take a walk through history. The largest battle of the Revolutionary War’s Southern Campaign was fought at the small North Carolina backcountry hamlet of Guilford Courthouse. The battle proved to be a turning point for British military operations in the Revolutionary War.  Learn more 

Other Must-DOS

Gateway Gardens

Greensboro’s newest botanical garden, Gateway Gardens. Phase 1 construction began in 2009. This phase includes the Main Entrance, parking, Michel Family Children’s Garden, Rain Garden, Greensboro Heritage Garden, public artwork and special features. The garden was formally opened to the public in 2011. Future development is underway and includes a Visitor Center, Wedding and Special Events Garden, Japanese Garden, and White Oak Forest.


Keeley Park Pump Track 

The Keeley Park Pump Track features two tracks of continuous dirt loops of rollers and berms. The park gets its name from the pumping motion that requires the use of both the upper and lower body, a method of propulsion the cyclist uses to navigate around the track without pedaling.  Learn More


Glenwood Skate Spot & Latham Skate Park

Go more extreme with your set of wheels.  These parks allow skate boards, inline skate, scooters. The Glenwood Skate Spot features 4,000-square-feet concrete, pole jam, rail, quarter pipe, bank wall.  The Latham Skate Park features 10,000-square-feet concrete park with an eight foot flow bowl, a vert wall, an A-frame, rails, a “snow plow”, boxes, hubba ledges and more. Learn more


Country Park’s “The Zone”

The Zone” is a new place for expert mountain bikers and BMXers to test their skills on a downhill jump course. “The Zone” features a number of jumps, berms, rhythm and whoop sections sure to get the adrenaline flowing. Helmets are required in “The Zone” and rules are posted on the kiosk next to the course start point behind the Stoner-White Stadium scoreboard. Inexperienced riders are discouraged from entering “The Zone.  Learn more


Greensboro Curb Market

GFM provides greater Greensboro with opportunities to purchase and learn about local foods in a friendly and diverse social setting. GFM encourages and supports the growth of local foods and artisan goods businesses to improve Greater Greensboro’s economy, support better health through healthy eating and build social and community connections. Learn More


Bessemer Curb Market

Bessemer Curb Market has served Greensboro over 63 years providing quality hand cut meats, fresh produce, homemade macaroni, potato salads & pimento cheese

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