3 Best Locations For A Romantic Photo

Couple in Cloister Garden

After capturing (or recapturing) your loved one’s heart, preserve the memories of your time together with a few photos. Here’s a list of our favorite places to take a few candids.

  1. Don Rives Cloister Garden. The best time is around twilight. The sun is just setting and the glow from the lights in the garden makes for a magical photo.
  2. Dinner in the Copper Room at Green Valley Grill. Between the gorgeous copper walls and the twinkling of the lighted trees out the window. You’ll have the perfect background to snap one with your sweetie.
  3. If you are feeling creative, use the milk-glass door in your bathing room for fun silhouette photos. To get the best contrast, turn off all the lights except one phone’s flashlight. Set the flashlight on the vanity and point towards the door. With another phone/camera take the photo from the opposite side. Have fun with it!
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