Boutique Hotels Open Their Doors After Months with New Safety Measures

By Giuli Frendak | Greensboro | Spectrum News
Jun 2020

NORTH CAROLINA — Hotels and restaurants are reopening their doors, just in time for the summer rush.

So, whether you’re heading out of town or planning a staycation, you will have options.

At the O’Henry Hotel in Greensboro, safety precautions start from the moment staff arrive. They have to drive through an area to answer health questions, get their temperatures taken, and get a freshly sanitized mask, before they enter the building.

The hotel and restaurant are operating at limited capacity, like others across our state, but leaders say they’re just happy to be back on track.

The month of March feels like a distance memory to denis quaintance.

“The ACC was here, the restaurants were blowing and going, I don’t think any of us imagined we would go from March 10 to being closed on the 15th,” says CEO Dennis Quaintance of the Quaintance Weaver Restaurant and Hotel Group.

The pandemic forced the employee-owned company to furlough about 600 people.

Almost three months later, two of their six businesses are welcoming back guests.

Visitors can eat at Green Vally Grill and stay at the connecting O’Henry Hotel.

The company installed a number of safety measures, from socially distant floor decals to custom pulleys on the bathroom doors.

For boutique hotels, it’s been beneficial having the people who make decisions about reopening and sanitation be the same ones who work at the hotel and restaurant every day.

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